Hoverbot Nano Frame

Hoverbot Nano Frame

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At Home Indoors

The Nano's unique propeller guard design and 3D geometry provide 360 degree protection at an ultralight weight, making it the perfect indoor flyer. You'll be able to bounce off walls or furniture and stay in the race, without worrying about damaging your home or office. Precision brushless motors ensure deft handling, with plenty of torque to pull off acro maneuvers and hairpin turns at break-neck speeds. In a crash, the guard links flex to absorb impact - we also include plenty of spares in every kit. Crashing has never been this fun!

Light on Weight - Not on Performance

With a built weight as low as 34g, or 40g with prop guard, the Nano is the lightest indoor brushless frame on the market. It is crafted from high quality materials and built to last. Despite its light weight, the Nano's 90mm motor to motor distance allows for 56mm propellers for better efficiency and performance than competing designs. Thrust to Weight ratios of over 5:1 are possible, with flight times of up to 10 minutes having been recorded in our testing.

Born to be Wild

Even though it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Nano packs a serious punch. Enjoy powerful punch outs and full-tilt performance on par with quads more than twice its size. The stiff carbon fiber prop guard and frame have been carefully tuned to provide maximal protection and strength without sacrificing weight or aerodynamics. The minimal drag profile means you no longer have to choose between indoor racer and outdoor cruiser - this well-rounded quad will fill any pair of shoes.

Innovative Design

The Nano's unique three dimensional geometry has been carefully engineered for stiffness and strength, and we've spent the last few months perfecting the minutiae of our design. Rather than nuts and bolts, the Nano uses laser-cut Delrin plastic frame links that snap into place without play and absorb shock from impacts. The frame and prop guard are CNC machined from 3K twill weave carbon plate, ensuring snappy performance and limitless durability.

Lifetime Unlimited Warranty

We want you to fly fast and fearless, not worry about breaking your new toy. 
We're so confident in the durability of our design, that we provide a lifetime warranty on all carbon fiber parts, no questions asked.

Tech Specs


Size (m2m): 90mm
Weight (w/o guard): 5.6g
Weight (with guard): 11.7g
FC Mounting Holes: 20mm

Included in Package:

1 x Nano Carbon Center Plate
1 x Nano Carbon Guard
12 x Nano Delrin Guard Links

Nylon Mounting hardware and JST-PH battery connector


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