Hoverbot Vibe Frame

Hoverbot Vibe Frame

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No Compromise Design

Built off of all of the strengths of the Nano and bringing new advances in construction and performance, the Vibe ups the micro quadcopter ante yet again. The frame is now 100% carbon fiber while retaining the 3D Geometry that enables maximum stiffness and protection. The frame is now permanently bonded with 3M Aerospace Grade Epoxy.

Lighter than ever at 7.5 grams, the Vibe is perfectly at home indoors and out. Builds as light as 30g dry are possible. Our new unique Vibration Isolation System ensures that motor noise doesn't effect the soft-mounted electronics stack, providing better angle-mode performance. 

Built for the Best

The Vibe is designed around the lightest available electronics options on the market. Built to spec the vibe is the lightest prop-guarded 2s compatible quad on the market - and the results are truly spectacular. Thrust to weight ratios of over 7:1 are achievable and the Vibe absolutely rips outdoors while remaining light enough for safe flight indoors and around people and pets. This pocket rocket truly is a jack of all trades.

Note: The Vibe is designed to be very durable, but performance is prioritized over absolute resilience. For this reason the frame is not covered under a replacement warranty.


  • Weight (frame): 7.5g frame
  • Weight (build): 32g typical
  • Motor Mount: 9x9mm
  • Prop Size: 2"
  • Electronics mounting: 16mm stack


  • 1x HoverBot Vibe frame
  • 8x vibration isolation standoffs
  • 2x battery strap

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