Hoverbot Hummingbird 1103 Motors

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Incredible power, smooth and quiet operation, and light enough for even the smallest builds. Get it while you can!

Hoverbot's first fully custom brushless motor, carefully designed to provide the absolute best in power to weight. This project is months in the making, and we couldn't be happier with the results. A must buy if you want the best possible performance from your micro.


  • Manufactured by BrotherHobby
  • N52 grade arc magnets
  • Japanese NPN bearings
  • Dynamic spin balancing
  • 9 x 9 mm mounting pattern
  • Flexible silicon multi-strand wires
  • 1103 stator size
  • 3.9g weight


Initial stock is 8000kv with 4000kv and 10000kv coming soon


  • 1x HoverBot Hummingbird motor
  • 4x 3mm m2 screws
  • 4x 7mm m2 screws